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Extended EDI Functionality

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Classic EDI has its origins in the establishment of document exchange between one ERP system to another. Standard EDI services have evolved to include non ERP-based document exchange between partners in a point-to-point model. Extended EDI functionality facilitates connections between multiple partners, allowing the transmission of an expanding variety of documents via multiple points, portals or web pages as well as ERP systems. Every new partner can be added completely seamlessly, without an application code rewrite or infrastructure disruption.

Meet your evolving business’ needs head-on

Classic or traditional EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) systems are struggling to cope with the growing number of new demands from their users. With business processes becoming increasingly complex, and the number of EDI participants growing daily, it is essential for organizations to find a solution that helps them manage their expanding opportunities and not get left behind. The Omnizon platform can keep you on top of things with its extended EDI capabilities: Customer portal, Supplier portal, e-Invoicing, e-Archiving and Speedox Delivery.
Extended Edi Functionality - Omnizon
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