Set up your integration platform
and connect to trading partners simply, quickly and for free

Omnizon FreemiumEDi is a simple way to send purchase orders and integrate invoices and other business documents from suppliers who do not have EDI software. And vice versa.

Use it as long as you wish, connect with up to 5 partners, and securely automate document exchange for up to 100 documents each month. Safely store your document exchange history in the e-Archive.

Freemiumedi Registration Portal - Omnizon
Freemiumedi - Omnizon

FreemiumEDI gives you

So how do you get started?

When you click on Registration Portal you will be taken to the start point for your iPaaS B2B/EDI journey.

FreemiumEDI gives you comprehensive video tutorials and self-help ‘wizards’ to guide you through the set-up of the connection with your partners