Let Omnizon help you digitally transform your operational processes

Consolidate your processes by easily integrating, data and messages from applications across different IT systems, both yours and your partners, with the leading EDI/B2B integration platform based on iPaaS from Omnizon.

Omnizon’s iPaaS EDI platform

  • Boost productivity and staff efficiency
  • Improve profits, reduce costs
  • Reduce the manual error-rate
  • Access the largest markets - don’t get left behind
  • Rapid and flexible integration with new and existing customers
  • Enjoy faster, cheaper, more secure business process flows
  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    Complex Data and Message Handling

    This highly intuitive administration interface allows every complex data and message handling process to be defined in a single process with multiple steps.

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  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    Extended EDI functionality

    Whilst Omnizon Enterprise EDI provides the base layer for all EDI services (just as it does within the Managed Services offering) Extended EDI functionality allows you to connect with all your business partners who cannot operate a conventional EDI connection and so you can digitalize 100% of your supply chain.

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  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    Internet of Things

    Collect the data from IoT networks and use iPaaS as a central repository for the aggregation, processing and routing of valuable sensory data.

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  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    B2G integration

    Exchange messages and documents with public or government institutions.

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  • Integrated Platform as a Service

    API Management

    Accelerate your digital transformation and eliminate data silos - improve the sharing and updating of data between different applications and systems.

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Solutions with added value

All iPaaS users will have full demo access to all modules with a limited number of recipes and a restricted number of documents to allow them to experience the full capability of the platform before making committed decisions.

Full connectivity

Omnizon iPaaS supports both B2B and A2A process flows, as well as hybrid integration models that have been implemented using B2B/EDI, B2G and API management protocols. It also supports full connectivity to IoT, big data, data warehouse and business intelligence interfaces.

Designed to support your business operations

The architectural design of iPaaS is built on three critical pillars.

  • Security

    Absolute security of data and transactions.

  • High availability

    Operates continuously on a high level.

  • Automatic scaling

    Cloud-based infrastructure scaled seamlessly.

A multi-tenant environment

One of the Platform’s principal features is its multi-tenant architecture, meaning that multiple logically separate and isolated environments (tenants, or clients) can either have shared resources or dedicated infrastructure resources, with the ability to share only those specific resources.