Welcome to OMNIZON

Our advanced solutions, delivered by our committed team continue to make digital transformation simple and easy for all our customers. Let’s get to know each other!

What, how and why we do it

For more than 15 years we have been connecting businesses from many diverse industries, overcoming their complex integration challenges to allow them to operate more easily and productively. We have hundreds of happy customers who work closely with our team of committed, passionate B2B professionals – we support our customers and we are delighted that they trust us.

We help our customers integrate electronically with all their customers, suppliers and partners, by removing the complexities of digitalisation, reducing paper flows to a minimum, maximising efficiencies, reducing costs and securing data transfer. Integrating businesses digitally is challenging, now more than ever.

We are here to simplify it.

We are doing this to make all of this as simple and attainable for you as possible, whether you are a large corporation or a small family-run business.


  • Tatjana Pinhak

    Regional Director DACH

    C-level expert with many years of experience in various executive positions in both customer and supplier organisations. These have given her the insight and knowledge to see and understand details that many others cannot. A strong mentor and guide.

  • Franz Wimmer

    Managing Director

    Passionate entrepreneur with many years of experience, successful start-ups, managing companies and always aware of the new opportunities coming with technological development prompted him to dedicate himself, his knowledge and experience to the development and expansion of OMNIZON.

  • Alexander-von-Merzljak

    Alexander von Merzljak

    Head of Marketing DACH

    Highly experienced PR and Marketing Consultant. Skilled with strong analytical and profound insights in different markets and branches. Creating and steering comprehensive PR and Marketing-Measures, boosting coverage and achieving significantly good impact on the given Marcom targets.

  • Nino Strajher


    Serial entrepreneur, founder of several successful startups in the last 30 years and recognized in the region as an EDI pioneer. A visionary business leader with a talent for building and leading dedicated teams.

  • Robert Strajher

    Chief Technology Officer

    When everything has to be okay, Robbie is your man. He has consistently delivered outstanding results in providing maximum uptime, which has been a key success factor in the platform’s long history of growth and has created OMNIZON’s impeccable reputation for reliable service delivery.

  • Christopher Des Forges

    VP Market Development

    An industry veteran with more than 30 years of experience successfully launching sales and marketing initiatives at both executive and operational levels for several of the world’s largest technology players in all of OMNIZON’s key target markets.

  • Gordan Smadilo

    Head of Product Development Office

    Extremely experienced SW development project manager with 25 years of experience in implementing and commissioning critical applications and environments, on time, and to budget.

  • Mladen-Maravic

    Mladen Maravić

    Chief Solution Architect

    Extremely talented senior Java software architect with 20+ years of experience in 'entrepreneurial software' development who has helped in the successful implementation of projects in the government, banking, insurance and health sectors. Expert in highly accessible, scalable cloud-based architectures using Amazon Web Services.

  • Marko Pavlović

    EDI Specialist

    Having successfully engineered several hundred partner connections, Marko has acquired an unparalleled level of experience of EDI processes. His passion for customer satisfaction is total and his attention to technical detail makes him the ideal person to handle any challenge that a customer brings - and to set their minds at ease knowing they are in safe, reliable hands.

  • Fran Karlo Strajher

    Chief Operations Officer

    Fran manages our internal projects and process developments as well as overseeing all of our governance and compliance responsibilities. He has an old head on young shoulders and ensures that we remain laser focused on meeting all our responsibilities in a timely fashion whilst his energy in the search for incremental improvements ensures we stay on a solid path to continuous process improvement.

  • Janez-Bregar

    Janez Bregar

    Co-founder at Omnizon Systems

    A C-Level professional with long years of experience in a variety of Executive positions. These have provided him with the insight and knowledge to both see and understand the details which many others cannot. A strong mentor and guide.

  • Our values

    We care about every client we support

    We are a committed partner to our customers who value both our continual support and the benefits we bring. As a company we have grown significantly in size and our customer base has continued to increase while we remained laser-focused on the needs of every client we support.

  • Our values

    We understand the importance of every bit of data

    We never lose sight of the fact that your data is the lifeblood of your business. Our platform is designed to provide certainty of document and data delivery. It is secure, configured for your needs and overseen by our team of experts.

  • Our values

    Zero document loss

    Since 2009 we have delivered over 50 million documents with ZERO documents lost.

  • Our values

    Absolute compliance

    We understand that your documents will not only be subject to local tax or governance rules but will cross borders, be subject to other jurisdictions and need to be secure. Here at OMNIZON we take the responsibility for ensuring that all data traffic handled by our platform does so in a fully compliant way, including meeting GDPR regulations.

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