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Speedox delivery

Speedy document and invoice delivery

Signed, sealed, and delivered in seconds

The Speedox Document Delivery system provides fully controlled, automated delivery of a large number of documents via e-mail. It completely replaces the conventional, time-consuming delivery process, thus eliminating human error, delays, and forgotten emails.

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User-friendly document delivery

  • Schedule delivery times
  • Track the flow of your document
  • Receive reliable status notifications
  • Eliminate misplaced emails
  • Control access to the system
  • Speedox Delivery : How it works

    Full status control

    The sender uploads and sends a document to a single, or multiple, recipients. The sender can see if and when the document was received, opened, and downloaded. If a recipient fails to download a sent document, it is automatically redelivered.

  • Speedox Delivery : How it works

    ERP & EDI integration

    Speedox users can exchange documents with clients and partners who sit outside their EDI network. Documents are sent from the Omnizon platform and are received by the recipients email system with the additional option that the sender can always check via the Omnizon Portal to see if the sent document was downloaded by the recipient.

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