Why do customers choose Omnizon partners?

Customers who want to digitally integrate their business but don't want to spend big on abbreviations or building a big in-house IT department choose Omnizon partners.

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Omnizon Partners focus on Customer Success - here's how

  • Over 400 customers already delight in the combination of support from partners they know and trust and the Omnizon platform. This partnership gives them what they need, the way they need it ...rather than lots of stuff they don't need and cannot afford.
  • Omnizon partners do not confuse users with talk of API intgration, visualisation layers, accelerators...what they do do is help them connect digitally to their customers and suppliers.
  • Omnizon partners ensure that every order, invoice, credit note etc etc is digitally exchanged no matter what IT capability anyone has, that the data is transmitted, tracked , stored and retrieved safely, securely and cost effectively. None of those 400 + users has ever lost a document.
  • Customers choose Omnizon partners because they start on a fee structure that is often 1/10th of similar platform providers.

Benefits to you working with our partners

  • Fast track to successful operations. The combination of Omnizon’s platform expertise and our partner domain knowledge gets you started in a few clicks.

  • Our partners will normally have a segment or domain specialism, for example, Odoo, guaranteeing the user a ‘best fit’ solution.

  • Omnizon’s support infrastructure ensures that partners are perfectly positioned to provide first level support , fully backed up by Omnizon technical specialists.

What customers say about our partners and the services they deliver

  • Franck`s strategic focus is on increasing digitization of business and electronic communication with customers and suppliers, and we have been working on this for many years. After working with several Managed Service Providers, we placed our trust exclusively in Redok because it met all the criteria mentioned. We look forward to continuing our cooperation in the future.

    Dario Galinec

    ICT Director, Franck d.o.o.