Web EDI Supplier Portal

Easily connect up with small suppliers

Digitize your supply chain

The Web EDI Supplier Portal enables suppliers without EDI capabilities to access the automated business processes of larger enterprises and streamline their collaboration with them. Small suppliers often lack their own IT infrastructure and enterprises normally want a fully digitized supply chain — this module is a win for both.

  • Integrate your suppliers

    Expand your network

    An enterprise within the Extended EDI system can connect to its suppliers by giving them access to the Supplier Portal, while individually setting the terms and conditions of use for each supplier.

  • Integrate your suppliers

    Automate operations

    The supplier uses the Supplier Portal to receive purchase orders and organize the delivery of goods. The Portal automatically creates traceable documents for those purchase orders, such as confirmation, delivery note and an invoice, effectively cutting their workload and simplifying the ordering process.

  • Integrate your suppliers

    Communicate digitally

    An enterprise can communicate with its suppliers in a standard B2B/EDI way: the documents are sent to and received by suppliers using a web interface that is a part of the Omnizon system.

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Free up valuable time

Using the Supplier portal considerably shortens the process of ordering from suppliers. For enterprises with a large number of small suppliers, this can offer an incredible time-saving benefit.