Web EDI Customer Portal

Simplify the wholesale order process

Connect with your wholesale partner network

Web EDI Customer Portal is a module enabling larger enterprises to easily integrate those customers without EDI capabilities and allow these customers to access their automated business processes. It allows distributors to fully digitalize wholesale channels and reach all of their business customers.

  • Streamline the trading process

    Present your wares

    Wholesalers and distributors can allow their business customers, for example, their wholesale partner network, to see their entire virtual warehouse by providing complete access to a catalog of products and services through a web browser.

  • Streamline the trading process

    Tailor your offers

    One particularly helpful feature is the complete flexibility and control to customize offers, product ranges and prices that are specific to an individual customer and hidden from all others.

  • Streamline the trading process

    Make ordering easy

    The Customer Portal offers new and existing customers a familiar backdrop — one of a webshop. It holds product catalogs with detailed product features and price lists, making it easy for customers to browse, select and order.

  • Streamline the trading process

    Be fast and error-free

    The entire trading channel is fully digitized — once the customer places an order, it kicks off a series of events. The supplier's information system receives the purchase order and the order processing system automatically checks inventory; if the order is verified, it creates a log in the sales ledger. The order is then dispatched along with delivery information and the customer is billed by the invoicing system.

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A simple process with added-value

The process minimizes phone and email communication and accelerates and streamlines the trading transaction. The OMNIZON NETWORKS Extended EDI system continually tracks and records the timely delivery of every piece of documentation to all connected parties.

Support for other documents

In addition to all the regular trading documents, wholesalers can easily add and implement stock tracking or trading information documents that can optimize their overall business transactions.