A safe and secure storage solution

Under lock and key

E-Archive is an EDI module that ensures safe, fully protected and, access-controlled storage of electronic files. It is a centralized file repository with a wide range of rights including a right to access, view or download a file. E-Archive stores files for an unlimited period of time, which ensures regulatory compliance.

  • Secure and accessible

    Protect your files

    Archived files are safeguarded with a high level of access control and are available only to authorized persons in accordance with the users policies or compliance requirements.

  • Secure and accessible

    Record everything

    E-Archive creates logs for every performed activity, reducing the risk from improper or unauthorized file treatment.

  • Secure and accessible

    Cut time and cost

    Omnizon’s e-Archive completely eliminates the costs and risks of lost documents and significantly shortens the archiving and retrieval processes.

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