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Choose a safe and simple electronic data interchange with zero maintenance and implementation.

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Boost your productivity and profit

EDI-based digitalization gives organizations unlimited opportunities for integration of business processes, contributing to better effectiveness in all business areas.

  • Speed 61%

    EDI can speed up business cycles by 61%

  • Accuracy 30-40%

    30-40% less errors

  • Cost 35%

    EDI reduces transaction costs, saving businesses more than 35%.

  • Efficiency 20%

    EDI can reduce the order-to-cash cycle time by more than 20%.

Flexible and reliable solutions

Omnizon Extended EDI enriches conventional EDI services with additional functionalities to streamline everyday operations and improve the usual EDI document exchange. Key amongst these capabilities are modules that expand digitalization opportunities to all business entities within a supply chain, thereby supporting the goal of 100% digitalization.

  • EDI Managed Services

    Enterprise EDI

    It eliminates the need for manual data entries and accelerates data processing between two or more businesses which in turn prevents errors, improves efficiency, and cuts costs.

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  • EDI Managed Services

    Web EDI Customer Portal

    Enables larger enterprises to easily integrate those customers without EDI capabilities into their workflow and so allow them to access the larger enterprises’ automated business processes. We can connect you with ’non-EDI’ customers, you don’t need to worry.

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  • EDI Managed Services

    Web EDI Supplier Portal

    Allows suppliers without EDI capabilities to access the automated business processes of larger enterprises and streamline their collaboration. We can connect you with ‘non-EDI’ suppliers, you don’t need to worry.

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  • EDI Managed Services

    Speedox Delivery

    Provides the fully controlled, prioritized, secure despatch of critical documents via email, with confirmation of receipt and full lifecycle log.

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  • EDI Managed Services

    e-Invoice including B2G

    Fully supports the exchange of electronic invoices in a valid and legally recognized format. It guarantees origin authenticity, content integrity, and invoice legibility.

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  • EDI Managed Services


    A centralized file repository that ensures the safe, fully protected, and access-controlled storage and retrieval of electronic files.

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Connect all the links in your supply chain