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Internet of things

Harness the data from IoT networks

All data is important

Organizations can collect the data from IoT networks and use our Omnizon platform for B2B/EDI integration based on iPaaS as a central repository for the aggregation, processing and routing of not just process data and messaging, but also valuable sensory data.

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Harvest the potential of IoT

By 2024, 50% of enterprise application data will be sourced from IoT. Take advantage of the opportunities to be gained from fully capitalizing on the data already sitting in your IoT networks.

  • Real-time data exchange

    Exploit the many uses of IoT data

    iPaaS gives users the ability to define processes or rules that are specific to any type of exchanged data, including IoT data. This immediately enables them to send notifications or raise alarms in case of deviations that are detected, or simply route the data to other systems.

  • Real-time data exchange

    Achieve better end-to-end visibility

    By integrating IoT devices, a carrier can send out real-time delivery statuses and a manufacturer can check the status of a production line or remotely monitor the temperature of a sensitive item. IoT data can also be used for holistic analyses of production or supply situations and in that way help manufacturers to make better informed decisions that will improve outcomes or pre-emptively resolve problems.

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