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B2G integration

Connect with government institution

Full circle B2G integration

The e-Invoice module within the Omnizon platform for B2B/EDI integration enables pre-authorized clients to exchange messages and documents with institutions that are beneficiaries of public funds. The module ensures the authenticity of origin by using the client-provided digital signature, confirms the state of interchange and payment status of e-invoices, and provides secure digital storage in Omnizon’s e-Archive.

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Archive exchanged documents

A lot of countries require the archiving of electronic business documents, with retention periods in compliance with local legislation. The Omnizon Platform gives you the option to put TSA-approved timestamps on documents to ensure their longevity while stored in the e-Archive.

Be ready for the future

Most public institutions are just entering the world of digitalization with e-invoicing, but as their digital transformation continues so will their portfolio of requirements. However, you can be at ease because the Omnizon platform is fully set up to handle two-way document flows, making you future-proofed for all upcoming demands.

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Suitable for both large and small organizations

Larger customers can use a direct B2G connection from their internal business applications, and smaller customers without these internal capabilities can use the WebEDI e-Invoicing application’s B2G mode.

New upgrades coming soon

The ZUGFeRD format for long-term archiving and access to the PEPPOL delivery network are under development and will be provided soon.