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API Management

Real-time data interchange

Automate and improve

API management is an integral part of the Omnizon platform for B2B/EDI integration and is implemented fully in compliance with REST design principles, ensuring a controlled and defined approach. It enables organizations to automate business processes and improve the sharing and updating of data between different applications and systems.

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Let your data flow

The Omnizon platform gives you the ability to connect all the applications you need to engage with, whether they are apps generating data or the apps that need to receive data. This means that users are given controlled access to all the data that resides within their businesses processes and which they want to incorporate in a full electronic data interchange.

Connectivity is crucial

The key feature of this API-led connectivity is real-time data interchange with the Omnizon Platform.

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    Automate business processes.

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    Improve data sharing and updating between applications.

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    Improve cost, agility, speed, and security of all data transfer.