FreemiumEDI - you connect yourself digitally to your partners, simply, quickly & for free

Are you a business looking to connect digitally with your customers and partners and want to investigate what is involved, how quick and easy it can be, and without investing too much effort? Join the growing community of digital partners exploiting the integration opportunities our iPaaS B2B/EDI Platform has to offer.

Start FreemiumEDI
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FreemiumEDI gives you

  • All the benefits of EDI
  • Connection to up to 5 partners
  • Electronic exchange of up to 100 outgoing documents per month
  • ‘Oven ready’ templates for exchange of documents in EDIFACT and UBL
  • Use for as long as you like within the scope above
  • Comprehensive video tutorials and self-help ‘wizards’ to guide you through set-up of the connection with your partners

Try EDI without disrupting customers with short-term changes or being forced to commit to long-term contracts

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    Use the real thing for free

    Within the FreemiumEDI offer you will get the full performance, speed and security of the functionality described, and to the same level as a paid-for alternative. Get the chance to test, learn and go on to gain the benefits of real commercial use, with no time pressure and for free. Real partners, real business and no time limit for up to five partners and a specified number of documents.

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    Zero risk

    Your testing is ‘in-house’, your live connections carry ‘contract-level’ of security and you don’t need to make long-term cost commitments upfront

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    Gain iPaaS B2B/EDI knowledge at your own pace

    Build your experience and knowledge of EDI in a ‘safe space’ first, moving at your own speed, but fully able to engage real partners with real business when you are ready to and develop ‘real’ experience as a basis for expanding your use of iPaaS B2B/EDI

Omnizon FreemiumEDI: real iPaaS B2B/EDI for everyone

Omnizon has been working in the EDI market for more than 15 years and over this time we realized that most newcomers to EDI were faced with the choice of taking a trial or taking a contract.

The first option meant no ‘real’ use so no real ‘proof of concept’ whilst the second option meant committing to a significant investment and hoping it would be right for the buyer.

For smaller companies looking to gain the benefits of digital document exchange these facts made getting started even more difficult. Here at Omnizon we believe that EDI and now, iPaaS B2B/EDI, should be easy to adopt, easy to use, easy to grow and develop, and available to every business, large or small.

And so we created our Freemium model to allow small users to start small and grow at their own pace without spending big, and to allow larger experienced users to ‘try before they buy’ without disrupting their day to day business flows.

So how do you get started?

When you click on Registration Portal you will be taken to the start point for your iPaaS B2B/EDI journey.

  • 1. Step

    Once you have completed the ‘Create Tenant’ form with your details and email you will receive a confirmation email return.

  • 2. Step

    You will need to respond to this email to confirm that it is you and close the security loop. This email will also include a link to a tutorial video that will explain how you should complete the registration process which will set you up as the tenant administrator.

  • 3. Step

    After you have completed your tenant administration form we will send a further email with your username, login details and links to tutorials showing you how our setup wizard works. Once you have worked through the wizard you are ready to go.