Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange is the electronic exchange of business information using a standardized format. Companies exchange information between each other electronically instead of using paper docs, reducing expenses and boosting productivity in the process.

Omnizon Networks provides EDI services to companies of all types and sizes. Our system is complex on the inside but easy to use on the surface. Clients can access it online via their favorite web browser, and have the option of implementing complete integration of the EDI process from one business to another (B2B), which is fully automated.

Omnizon Web

Instant access through web browsers. All you need is a standard browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari or Brave. From there, you can access our support program for the exchange of electronic documents. Our system has numerous safety measures that guarantee the production of valid documents, while it warns users about any faulty elements.

Omnizon Enterprise Connect

For companies whose workflow is intense, Omnizon Enterprise Connect is the perfect choice. Document exchange is fully automatic, meaning no human interaction is needed. Based on the format of your choice, we will seamlessly implement our system to your business model.

Our system is accessible via the Secure File Transfer Protocol – SFTP and the Applicability Statement 2 – ASF protocol, as well as our online service. There is no downtime, as our system is always online and ready for use. Documents are exchanged in real-time.

Users can view statistics about the documents they sent and received. Detailed descriptions and error logs are available for documents sent, while users also have access to error logs for expected documents.

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Omnizon Enterprise Connect access is meant for companies at a high level of business process digitalization. Omnizon Enterprise Connect uses automated processes to create electronic documents in your business system, and deliver them to Omnizon’s system and your business partner.

Omnizon Web access is meant for companies which are not currently at a high level of digitalization (without an ERP system) and therefore are not able to use Omnizon Enterprise Connect.

Omnizon Web does not require any changes to your existing system and you can create electronic documents freely.

The exchange of electronic documents can be done between any two business entities in the Omnizon Networks system. For a complete reference list of all our users, please contact us at [email protected].

After you have chosen a partner to exchange electronic documents with, your method of accessing the Omnizon system (Omnizon Enterprise Connect or Omnizon Web), and defined the format and the manner of exchange, you’re ready to start your test period.

In the test period, the validity of the electronic document’s structure and the entered data is checked. For testing purposes, electronic documents need to be created based on their paper counterparts. By checking the structure and comparing it to paper document we can confirm the validity of the electronic document.

The technical prerequisites depend on the type of access you opted for: if you opted for Omnizon Web acces, all you need is a computer, an internet browser, and an internet connection.

If you opted for Omnizon Enterprise Connect access, you need to define the connection type and the electronic document format you will be using in the exchange. For all additional questions, please contact us via phone +385 1 4091 288 or e-mail [email protected].

If the partner you wish to exchange electronic documents with is using GLN in their business systems, you also need to use it in the electronic exchange of documents.

A Global Location Number (GLN) is a numerical code which identifies a legal, functional, or physical location in a business or organizational structure. Global Location Numbers can be used for identifying anything that has or could have an address. For instance: companies, departments, rooms, factories, shelves, delivery points, or EDI network addresses.

Document archive

Knowing where your documents are at any given moment is one of the key elements to running a successful business. Omnizon Networks are dedicated to providing our clients with a document storage system that guarantees their safety and is in accordance with all relevant legislation.

Our servers are secured with impenetrable computer protection. Documents are accessible online for inquiries, tax inspections, and audits. Clients can easily transfer docs from one archive to another. Omnizon can deliver all your e-docs per your request.

Here’s what our e-doc archiving system can do for your business:

  • Reduce costs up to 75% after one year of use
  • Quick document access
  • Simple search functions
  • Fast and simple document distribution
  • More affordable and compact archive space
  • Absolute document security

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All exchanged documents are stored according to the highest security standards in our data centre and can be delivered to you on an electronic medium of your choice.


Just like traditional printed invoices, but in digital format, electronic invoices or e-invoices for short are used in everyday business interactions. Omnizon creates and delivers e-invoices for you, making your business process faster, simpler and far less stressful.

One of the biggest benefits of using e-invoices is time management: Processing an e-invoice is ten times faster than processing a traditional printed invoice.

Benefits for the issuer:

  • No printing, packaging or postage costs.
  • Reduced probability of human error.
  • Instant delivery.
  • Notifications about the invoice delivery status.
  • Convenient e-invoice archive.

Benefits for the recipient:

  • Fully automated invoice exchange process.
  • Faster processing and payment as opposed to print.
  • Reduced probability of human error.
  • Secure electronic invoice archive.
  • Direct communication between business systems.
Probability of human error is reduced. Probability of human error is reduced.
No printing, packaging and postage costs. Fully automated invoice exchange process.
Instantaneous invoice delivery. Faster processing and payment.
Notifications on the invoice delivery status. Secure electronic invoice archive.
Convenient electronic invoice archive. Direct communication between business systems.

Omnizon Networks Team is at your disposal for all further questions

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Omnizon Networks is one of the founders of the EEDIN Association, which brings together EDI providers from several European countries to connect local EDI providers and ensure their international visibility. Through the EEDIN network, we can connect with major European retailers, wholesale companies, the automotive industry, and other large partners. All EEDIN members are professional EDI companies with a high quality of their services. In this way, we can offer our clients a large international network comparable to the world’s largest EDI providers, combined with our professional approach and individual solutions.
More information is available on the official website of the association: eedin.eu

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